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Examination of thrombophilic mutations

It is a hereditary disorder that causes a higher blood clotting that can cause problems (thrombosis, embolism) while taking hormonal therapy, during surgery or pregnancy, etc. The examination is done by the blood test.

Vaccinations against viruses that can cause cervical cancer

We can advise you the right choice of vaccine which is purchased and applicated in our office. We perform a diagnosis of cervical infection with human papillomavirus.

Care of women with incontinence (unwanted urine leakage)

After a basic diagnosis of the difficulties, we will arrange a specialized urogynecological examination, eventually patient preparation for surgery.

Larger surgical procedures

For uterine withdrawal, ovarian surgery, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, curettage, and other surgery, we will order you in a hospital specializing in these procedures. An indisputable advantage is the possibility of personal approach and participation in these surgeries during the our clinical day at the gynecology department of the Třebíč hospital.

Small surgical procedures

Removal of minor growths or warts on the external genitalia or extraction of samples from the external genitalia or cervix are carried out in our ambulance in local anesthesia with the follow-up to the histological examination in the accredited laboratory.

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