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  • Care of women with incontinence (unwanted urine leakage)

    After a basic diagnosis of the difficulties, we will arrange a specialized urogynecological examination, eventually patient preparation for surgery.more
  • Larger surgical procedures

    For uterine withdrawal, ovarian surgery, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, curettage, and other surgery, we will order you in a hospital specializing in these procedures. An indisputable…more
  • Vaccinations against viruses that can cause cervical cancer

    We can advise you the right choice of vaccine which is purchased and applicated in our office. We perform a diagnosis of cervical infection with human papillomavirus.more
  • Examination of thrombophilic mutations

    It is a hereditary disorder that causes a higher blood clotting that can cause problems (thrombosis, embolism) while taking hormonal therapy, during surgery or pregnancy, etc. The…more
  • Small surgical procedures

    Removal of minor growths or warts on the external genitalia or extraction of samples from the external genitalia or cervix are carried out in our ambulance in local anesthesia…more
  • Diagnosis of congenital fetal developmental defects

    During the 10th - 12th weeks of pregnancy, we will send you to an accredited office to combined first-trimester screening. This is a combination of mother's blood tests and…more
  • Monitoring of risky pregnancies

    Some pregnant women should be watched more often. For example, women who are being treated with a chronic illness before pregnancy (diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple…more
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy

    Pregnancy can be diagnosed from urine or blood from the 10th day after conception, by ultrasound is possible to recognize pregnancy in 5 weeks from the first day of the last…more
  • Regular pregnancy checks

    From the beginning of pregnancy, you will be invited in regular intervals for a monitoring you and your baby to the 36th week of pregnancy every 4 weeks. After 36 weeks of…more
  • Infertility examination and treatment

    If you have a problem with pregnancy, we will perform a basic diagnosis of hormonal status by blood sampling, ultrasound examination, followed by an examination of the partner's…more
  • Preventive gynaecological examination

    Includes: cervical smear with a glass smear that we send to an accredited laboratory for testing or optional liquid based cytology palpation or ultrasound examination…more
  • Treatment of acute gynecological difficulties

    In case of sudden problems (such as abdominal pain, bleeding, vaginal inflammation, etc.), it is not necessary to order in our booking system. For these situations, we have a…more
  • Monitoring of high risk patients

    Patients using permanent drugs that have been diagnosed with uterine myomas, ovarian cysts, with change in the cervix are monitored at more frequent intervals. We will inform…more
  • Specialized consulting for choosing hormonal treatment

    Contraceptive consulting - we advise you to choose appropriate contraceptives (tablets, injections, patches or the type of intrauterine device of your choice, including its…more
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