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We have purchased a new premium ultrasound machine VOLUSON S10 from the manufacturer GE. This new device will allow us to improve the quality of our care and advanced diagnostics.


We perform on this device:

Gynecology and obstetrics:

  • Uterus and ovaries as part of preventive examinations,

  • monitoring of diagnosed cases. For example - uterine myomas, ovarian cysts, etc.,

  • diagnosis and monitoring of pregnancy.

These examinations are covered by your health insurance company.

3D/4D examination of the fetus

VS10-foto face

What is a 3D / 4D examination?

4D record: Dynamic 3D image of moving fetus - video. The fourth dimension is time.
3D record: Static 3D fetus image - photographs.

When should you come to an examination?

At any stage of pregnancy. We have the best results between the 20th and the 28th week of pregnancy, when the natural conditions for the best result of the 3D / 4D examination are. It always depends on the current amount of amniotic fluid, the movements and the position of the fetus.

 As a part of your baby's examination, we record this examination and you can then choose what form you prefere: 
  • USB disk with digital photos and video recording,
  • 3D black-and-white photos printed via thermal printer

These services are not covered by the health insurance company and they are for a fee see pdfprice list.

We perform this examination for both registered and unregistered clients.


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