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Monitoring of risky pregnancies

Some pregnant women should be watched more often. For example, women who are being treated with a chronic illness before pregnancy (diabetes, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, etc.), or who has some complication during pregnancy.

Diagnosis of congenital fetal developmental defects

During the 10th - 12th weeks of pregnancy, we will send you to an accredited office to combined first-trimester screening. This is a combination of mother's blood tests and ultrasound examination of the fetus. Results of examination is risk assessment of birth defects of the fetus, especially Down's syndrome.

At the 20th week of pregnancy, further detailed ultrasound examinations are conducted to diagnose congenital developmental defects.

Regular pregnancy checks

From the beginning of pregnancy, you will be invited in regular intervals for a monitoring you and your baby to the 36th week of pregnancy every 4 weeks.

After 36 weeks of pregnancy are the regular checks provided  weekly with heart monitoring, fetal movements and uterine activity (cardiotocography).

Diagnosis of pregnancy

Pregnancy can be diagnosed from urine or blood from the 10th day after conception, by ultrasound is possible to recognize pregnancy in 5 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period.

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